ISPConfig DNS Zone Management

If you have an active subscription with us, you may request a free DNS management account which allows you to create and manage DNS Zone records on our authoritative MacStadium DNS servers. This may be useful in further lowering your hosting expenses with your legacy provider(s). There is no limit to the number of Zone records you may host with us.

To create and manage DNS Zone records via MacStadium DNS servers:

  • Open a support ticket asking for an ISPConfig account to be setup for your MacStadium subscription
  • Log into your ISPConfig account at:
  • Click on DNS tab
  • Click on the DNS Wizard button
  • Choose Default (Broadriver hosted) template
    - Insert your domain (e.g.
    - Insert the IP address of your server hosted at MacStadium
    - Insert a valid email address
  • Under the DNS Zones table, click on your domain name under the Zone column
  • Click on the Records tab
  • Use the buttons to create the appropriate Zone Records for your configuration
    - For example, to create an A Record for, click on + A
    - Enter the host name as www
    - Enter the IP address of your hosted Mac server
    - Click Save
  • Once you have created all of the appropriate records for your domain, you can now log into your Domain Registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc) and point the authoritative DNS servers for your domain to:
  • Once you have done this, please allow up to 72 hours for everything to move over to the ISPConfig domain management setup that you created. However, you can try to reduce the 72 hours by lowering the refresh interval on your existing DNS provider prior to executing a DNS zone management migration. For example, in our ISPConfig, the refresh is defaulted to 28800 seconds (8 hours). By lowering your refresh to 1800 before attempting your DNS migration, then the Internet will force all new DNS requests over to the new ISPConfig setup within 30 minutes.