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Can I change dedicated server type and options?

One of the great features of our dedicated server offering is that you may change models at any time. Contact support and make a request to change to the new model type.

When possible, we will migrate your data free of charge but there may be downtime depending on hardware configuration. Billing will stop for the old server and start for the new server without penalty.

When applicable, you can also add or remove options like additional RAM, external storage, firewall, etc. within your customer dashboard under the Add-Ons tab within the details of your subscription(s).

Changes to dedicated servers submitted to support via either method are managed via a work-order ticket and completed at the first available time (usually within an hour or two).

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Can I change hosting plans?

Yes, we can move your Mac mini from one hosting plan to the other at no cost to you. This only applies to the Mac mini, since the Mac Pro is available solely on the Elite+ plan.

Customers may login to their customer dashboard and open a support ticket to request this change.

A change of hosting plans requires physically moving your server to a new rack slot. Your server will experience minor downtime during the move. Within your request ticket, we’ll work with you to reduce downtime via scheduling.

We will prorate your hosting charges that month based on the number of days your server spends on each hosting plan.

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Can I get a copy of MacStadium's IRS Tax Form W-9?

A signed copy of MacStadium’s Form W-9 for IRS tax purposes is now available on our legal page. Please email if you have any further questions.

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Can I get better pricing for a longer term?

Yes! A 24-month term includes a 5% incentive, while a 36-month term includes 8% incentive.  These do not apply if your environment includes hardware components that require a 36-month term (e.g., dedicated SAN).

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Can I order additional IP addresses for my subscriptions?

For $2 per month per IP, MacStadium offers individual, public IP addresses.

To configure a second IP address in macOS, follow these steps:

  • Within System Preferences select “Network” and click the “+” button in the bottom left hand corner.
  • Under the “Interfaces” drop down, choose “Ethernet” and provide a name (you’re free to choose the name, eg. Ethernet 2). This will allow you to configure a second IP address under the new interface you created.

Another use for multiple IP addresses is when running VMware ESXi on your hosted Mac. When you start a hosted Mac subscription running VMware ESXi, it includes one IP address for public internet access. But, you’ll need to order more if you wish to build virtual machines that are publicly accessible via the internet.

We also offer large IP address blocks. A block must be ordered via support ticket. These make sense if you have a cluster of servers or virtual machines and need consecutive IP addresses.

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Can I pay with PayPal?

We accept PayPal with a pre-payment of three (3) or more months of service. Please open a ticket with the billing department to setup your payments using PayPal.

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Can I pay with an invoice?

Yes. However, we do require payments of at least $1,000 for invoicing.  If your monthly price is less than that, you can still receive an invoiced payment by pre-paying for one or two years.

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Can I use FileVault on my Mac?

Because FileVault requires that a user must login before the Mac connects to the internet, it's not possible since the Macs are located in our data center racks and customers connect remotely.

If you enable FileVault, you will lose access to the Mac upon the first reboot. Our support agents will have to wait for FileVault to fully encrypt the drives before we can un-encrypt them again. The entire process can typically take between 48-72 hours.

The following choices are your options for how our technical support staff disables FileVault on your hosted Mac:

  1. Open a support ticket as soon as possible. If you’re in a free trial period, we can take this server offline and get you setup with a new server so you don’t waste the free trial period waiting for this server.
  2. If this is a server you’ve been using for a while and you don’t wish to start fresh, let us know and we’ll pull the server to our workbench. From there, we’ll keep track and when encryption completes, we’ll start the decryption process. Afterwards, we’ll get the server back in the rack and let you know it’s available again.
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How can I get additional support managing my Mac environment?

When your request for support is beyond the scope of what MacStadium provides, we recommend getting in touch with one of our suggested IT partners. They all are familiar with MacStadium and Macminicolo products.

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How can I reactivate my cancelled Mac subscription?

In order to reactivate a Mac, log into the MacStadium Portal and select the previously deactivated subscription. To do so select the Actions button on the right of your subscription overview and select Reactivate from the drop down menu. A ticket will be automatically generated for our engineers to execute and you’ll be notified once your Mac is accessible again. You can find more information here.

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How do I add more team members to my account?

Using the MacStadium customer dashboard you’re able to add multiple team members to your account and apply user-specific permissions to them. This allows you to grant access only to certain parts of the customer dashboard. For example, you could add someone of your accounting department to your account and only allow them to see accounting related parts of the dashboard.

If you would like to add another team member to your MacStadium account please first log into your customer dashboard. Once you’ve done that locate the silhouette of a person in the top right corner and select Team Member. From there you can add a new user using the New Team Member button in the top right.

Required items for you to fill out are:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Role

The Phone Number field is not required to be filled in.

Once you’ve added your team member to your account, our system will send  an activation link to the specified email address allowing them to set a password for themselves.

From the Team Member page, you can edit a team member's information and permissions by clicking the "Edit" button. You can also archive a team member if you no longer want them to have access. To view all archived team members click the "Show Archived" checkbox.

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How do I configure my Mac for colocation prior to shipping it to MacStadium?

Please refer to the colo configuration guide.

Please follow the directions as described, and then ship your Mac to the MacStadium location listed in your install ticket.

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How do I end or cancel my subscription?

You don’t need a lengthy contract to take advantage of Mac hosting at MacStadium. We bill on the anniversary date of your subscription each month for the next 30 days of service.

If you ever decide to leave MacStadium, you can do so through your customer dashboard. To cancel a single subscription, open its details, click on the Actions dropdown, and then click Cancel. If you have multiple subscriptions and want to cancel your account, please submit a support ticket. This can be completed at any time for any and all subscriptions you no longer wish to use. When you cancel a subscription, the server is taken offline and all data is destroyed.

If you cancel your subscription before the end of your current service period, we do NOT refund any amounts already paid for service in the future. In accounting terms, we don’t prorate services at MacStadium due to the man-hours required to return used hardware to inventory for re-use.

If you own the Mac on the canceled subscription (because you shipped it to us as part of our colocation service), we will return your server to you after verifying the shipping address and speed of shipment requested. Our billing department will charge your payment method on file the actual shipping amount to close out your billing.

You’re always welcome to return at any time with the same account.

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How do I remove/archive a team member from my account?

If you would like to remove access from a team member, please first log into your customer dashboard. Click on the silhouette of a person in the top right corner and select Team Member.

From the Team Member page, you can edit a team member's information and permissions by clicking the "Edit" button. You can Archive a team member if you no longer want them to have access. To view all archived team members click the "Show Archived" checkbox.

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How do I request changes to a billing master subscription?

All changes to an account while on a billing master must be submitted in a ticket. That includes any form of upgrade or downgrade to your services. Read more about the process here.

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How do I share my account details in a support ticket?

The simplest solution is to add them in the support ticket via our secure web interface. For additional security, we have also added a checkbox labeled Contains Sensitive Information which prevents the text being sent in your ticket note from appearing in any plain text emails - you and your team members must sign in to the customer dashboard to view the message.

You are also free to change the credentials after we are done assisting you. 

If you are uncomfortable leaving that information available in an archived ticket (we can’t erase them), there are web services that can provide one-time, password-protected links to your sensitive text. Below are just a few of the options:

MacStadium does not endorse the use of these services (we are confident in the security of our ticketing) but understand your desire for secure transmission protocols. Please thoroughly researchthe technology, terms and conditions, and privacy policy of third-party web service when considering sharing your sensitive content with them.

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How do volume discounts work?

Customers typically pay full price for each host until reaching 50 hosts. After that, volume incentives start to kick-in at different tiers, which vary based on the type of hosts, the term, etc.  Only hosts above the volume tier have a reduced price (e.g. host number 50 would be full-price while host number 51 could be eligible for reduced pricing). Specific price tiers are determined uniquely for each customer, but can reach up to 10% off at high volumes.

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I accidentally turned off VNC on my hosted Mac. What do I do?

If you inadvertently turn off VNC / ARD on your hosted Mac, you can re-enable it through a console connection via SSH (which MacStadium turns on by default on all subscription based Mac servers) with these instructions:

  • If you are accessing the hosted Mac from a local computer running OS X, you can click on Spotlight, and type ‘terminal’. Once in terminal, execute the command: ssh, where the number sequence is the IP of your hosted Mac.
  • If you are on a Windows based PC or other local workstation, download a Telnet/SSH client such as PuTTY, and connect to the IP of your hosted Mac.
  • When prompted, enter your administrator-privileged username and password (the account you use to access the remote Mac).
  • Once logged in, you can execute the following command at the prompt to re-enable VNC (where it says mypasswd, insert your desired VNC Password):
sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -activate -configure -access -on -clientopts -setvnclegacy -vnclegacy yes -clientopts -setvncpw -vncpw mypasswd -restart -agent -privs -all

You can now close your terminal/SSH window, and attempt to re-connect via your VNC / ARD client as normal.

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I need about X concurrent VMs. How much will that cost?

How large would each concurrent VM be?  Would they be running 100% of the time or just occasionally?  Would you be spinning up single-use (AKA ephemeral) VMs or running static VMs to mimic bare metal hosts?   Assuming 2 cores and ~8GB of RAM, you’d be looking at $150-$200/VM in our cloud bundles. You can get even lower as you continue to scale up.  Of course, those prices are for concurrent VMs running at 100% capacity.  Because we provide dedicated private clouds, you get all the benefit of thin provisioning, so if a VM isn’t using its full set of allocated resources it will give them back to the pool.

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I need my servers to have pre-installed software. What do I do?

With dozens or hundreds of dedicated servers, it would be both difficult and time-consuming for us to release dedicated servers running clean operating systems. Instead, customers find it’s beneficial to setup one machine in their pool of Mac servers with the exact configuration needed. Many of those customers save time for themselves and our staff by creating a template machine for cloning their most used tools or a specific subset based on the expected use of the machine(s) to be deployed.

Once given the okay to start the bulk server cloning process our support staff will take that machine offline and begin cloning. Once the customer validates the first cone is successful, we'll continue the process. After manually setting a new network configuration per server, we can deploy the new bundle of machines to meet the customer’s needs.

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Is there a fee for starting a subscription?

Dedicated Servers

No. We do not charge any kind of setup fee, neither for Mac minis or Mac Pros that are available instantly nor for hardware configurations that aren’t.

Private Clouds

Yes, we do charge a one-time setup fee for our private clouds.

  • Small Private Cloud: $249
  • Medium Private Cloud: $249
  • Large Private Cloud: $299
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What does the remote hands service cover?

MacStadium provides free live chat, email and phone support 24x7x365. Our free remote hands service is available 24x7x365 without hidden fees. Refer to this article for more details about what services are provided.

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What if my Mac "locks up" or needs a reboot?

If your Mac locks up or becomes unavailable, you should first use the Power Management ‘Hard Reboot’ feature included with every dedicated server subscription at MacStadium via your control panel. Click a subscription, then click the Actions button, then Hard Reboot.

By clicking this button, a signal is sent to an APC-switched PDU power outlet dedicated to your Mac in our data center. The APC PDU will drop power for a few seconds and then restore power. Read this tutorial for more information about rebooting and scheduling a daily self-power via operating system settings.

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What is a billing master?

For customers with a large number Mac servers, it’s far easier to combine your monthly expenses on one statement than to bill you for each subscription individually throughout the month. We offer a billing master subscription to cover this situation.

A billing master subscription combines all of your subscriptions and their components into a single placeholder subscription so you receive a simplified and bundled billing statement that makes account management much easier. This allows us to bill you once per month for all of your subscriptions, even if you add servers or add-ons at different times throughout the billing period.

Read more about billing masters.

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When do volume discounts start?

We offer discounts starting at 50 hosts or more.

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Where can I access my invoices?

Invoices for your individual subscription(s) are available in your customer dashboard in PDF format under the Billing tab within the details of your subscription(s). Each subscription has its own statement. For large numbers of servers, please get in touch with the billing team to discuss options for condensing billing statements.

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Where do I ship my Mac for colocation after I signup?

The current addresses for our data centers appear on our Contact page.

A MacStadium account and colocation subscription are required before shipping a server. You may combine multiple colocation subscriptions in one shipment if each is labeled with the respective subscription number. This number is found in the subscription details - just click on the subscription in your customer dashboard to view it.

After shipment, please update your install ticket with the tracking number of your shipment. We can keep track and provide you with the best estimate for when your server is online in our data center.

Before shipping, please review our colocation configuration guide.

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Why was my credit card declined during the signup process?

At MacStadium, we make use of fraud protection services that use multiple layers of security to identify and stop fraud before it happens. These measures are in place to help ensure the security of our network and the best possible experience for our customers. Because of these additional security measures, it's possible that your credit card transaction could be flagged by the system during signup, even if the credit card is valid. If this happens, please contact us via phone, chat or open a ticket in your dashboard. Read more about this topic here.

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